In episode 32, Jessica shares her understanding of how the two planetary archetypes of Venus and Saturn work together in our everyday lives. She explores in depth how Saturn transiting Venus manifests with regard to relationships, money, and our creative process. 

In episode 30, Jessica DiRuzza shares her experience and understanding of integrating astrology into depth psychotherapy practice. She holds astrology as both a therapeutic tool and encompassing spiritual worldview that stimulates creativity, connection, and purpose in both client and therapist.

In this 30-minute episode, Jessica discusses the current Saturn-Uranus alignment, first with regard to the upcoming Trust Psyche course on the History (Saturn) of Astrology (Uranus), and then in light of Mercury retrograde and several eclipses activating SA-UR in 2022. She considers how to best use this energy throughout the year, and specifically with the current 3-week Mercury Rx.

December 21, 2021

Astro Chat 12.20.21

ASTRO CHAT occurs when we spontaneously turn on our phone recorder in the middle of what we are experiencing as a stimulating conversation about astrology. We are still discovering what ASTRO CHAT is, but for now, we can say this: It’s us in our life, doing what we love. You will hear background noise from the space we are in, as well as folks who come by and talk to us unaware (we get consent afterward). Everything is unedited and unrehearsed… It’s just us.

On 12.20.21 at 4:39PM we sat down to an early dinner at Flavio’s Italian restaurant where this 11-minute conversation took place.

In episode 27, Jessica and Travis DiRuzza have a heartfelt and embodied sharing of the upcoming Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The retrograde begins December 19th, for 40 days, until January 29th, and the conjunction lasts through early spring. They also share some of their new offerings for Trust Psyche!

In Episode 26 of Trust Psyche Podcast, Jessica DiRuzza, MFT has a conversation with James Socci. The two dialogue and question the story and meaning of Chiron, The Wounded Healer; themes of suffering, pain, and loss; what healing looks like; how User Experience applies to re-branding Trust Psyche; and their long-time friendship.

Check out the incredible work of James Socci, the mastermind behind our rebranding campaign:

I am a user, researcher, and facilitator for Amplified by Design. I collaborate with teams to help them better understand their customers’ needs and implement data-insights to create and improve services, products, and systems.

Additionally, I facilitate workshops and rituals, providing a structure to meaningfully experience some of the big stuff of life and to connect and play with what it means to be a human. I have been facilitating group work for over 14 years and believe in the power of intentional space for discovery, expression, connection, and creativity.

I've lived many lives. Previously I was a bartender working under one of the most respected authors and bartenders in the spirits world, Jeffery Morgenthaler, and a finalist in one of the most prestigious cocktail competitions in the U.S., Bombay Sapphire's Most Imaginative Bartender Competition. Before that, I worked at Esalen Institute as the executive assistant to the CEO and helped found the Integral Leadership Program.

In episode 25, I talk with my dear friend and brilliant astrologer, Matthew Stelzner. We dive into the joy of astrology and the joy of being professional astrologers. We also discuss the joy of watching the night sky and our love of sacred astronomy. Matthew is one of my favorite people to talk to about astrology, metaphysics, being human, and life.

Matthew Stelzner is a San Francisco-based professional intuitive guide and teacher, working with both astrology and tarot for 25 years. He also worked for many years as a professional facilitator and trainer of Holotropic Breathwork. As a group leader for workshops and trainings offering that method, he held space for people doing very powerful work in expanded states of consciousness. His combined experiences in these two main areas of work, along with his training in counseling psychology, have lead to a unique approach to working with clients that is all about trusting the healing force within each person to lead the way. His intuitive readings bring him so much happiness and gratitude, and he feels blessed to have had many magic experiences working with clients deeply committed to their own psychospiritual growth. He has a YouTube channel where he regularly publishes content on the joy of astrology and his website is

February 4, 2021

Transit Astrology

In episode 24, Jessica shares her daily spiritual practice of transit analysis for helping her make meaning and navigate her life.

Sign up for her upcoming course Transit Astrology: The Art of Living at This course can be taken live via Zoom on April 11th for 8 weeks, or as a recorded version delivered in June. Sign up for either with an early bird discount until February 24th.

Hello Everyone! I am proud to share with you my daughter, Luce Sophia DiRuzza. Luce was born in October as a Libra. As you can imagine, she has quite the powerful birth chart and quite the powerful entry into this world. She is fiercely sweet, loves music and dancing, has a wonderful sense of adventure, and loves to express herself—fully.  We are all doing very well and loving our time together as a new family.

In light of this Solstice, which was Saint Lucie’s Day before the calendrical reform (now it is on December 13th), and this incredible alignment of Jupiter and Saturn as the Star of Bethlehem, I want to release my podcast episode 23 of Stream—The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn: Joy and Sorrow.

This Stream is a real gem. Luce was inside of me when I shared my insights on this planetary alignment. She of course is born with the great conjunction, and I have the square natally. I think that with our combined energies—Luce, me, and the Cosmos—we were able to channel something precious.

So in honor of this Great Conjunction, the Solstice, and Luce, I share with you Stream 23.

I hope you enjoy listening.  I look forward to being with you in the New Year for New Beginnings. Luce has given me so much and there is so much to say.

Blessings of light to you.

In episode 22, Jessica DiRuzza and Christina Hardy have a rich conversation on the Saturn-Uranus cycle of time and how it relates to our current moment (closing song: Travis DiRuzza plays Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac).

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